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Planning and Zoning Commission Plan Submittal Documents

Project Submittal Checklist: This form outlines the Planning and Zoning plat/plan approval process submittal schedule of approval for engineers, surveyors, owners and developers.

Application for Land Subdivision and Development: This application is used for minor plats, preliminary plats, final plats, amended plats, and development plans.

Written Waiver & Variance Request: This request is to be used for Planning & Zoning requests where special conditions exist for the property which makes development a hardship on the applicant as stated in KRS 100.243.

Minimum Standards Punch List: This list is to be used to check any/all plats before they are submitted to the P&Z office for review. The punch list is to be completed and submitted with any/all plats. If the Minimum Standards Punch List has not been met by the T.A.C. meeting, the item will be removed from that months agenda, and be re-submitted.

Plat Fees: The City Commission has established a schedule of fees, charges, and expenses applicable to implementation of the Development Ordinance. Payment of all required fees, charges, and expenses shall be made as per these regulations to the Planning and Zoning Office.

Land Disturbance Permitting Process: This flow chart shows the permitting process as described in the City of Richmond's Stormwater Procedures Manual and enforced by city ordinance.

Detention Basin Review Checklist: This form provides a checklist for the applicant and inspector for detention basin review for ordinance compliance.

Storm Water Calculation Work Sheet: This form is to be completed and submitted for review by the T.A.C. meeting for development plans and preliminary plats. The purpose of the storm water calculation work sheet is to summarize the engineered storm system. The engineer is to attach any additional information, for example: details, grading plan, and additional calculations showing how the storm water design is compliant with the City of Richmond's storm water ordinance.

Storm Sewer Plan Review Checklist: This checklist is to facilitate the review process. This checklist gives the minimum requirements needed for the City of Richmond's review.

Operation & Maintenance Agreement: This is a formal agreement for the maintenance of all stormwater management facilities that must be approved by the City of Richmond and recorded into the land record prior to final plan approval.

Annual Inspection Checklists:

Prior to Certificate of Occupancy Obtainment Documents

As-Built Detention Basin Checklist:This form shows the minimum information required in a standard hydrology study submitted to the City of Richmond.

Storm Infrastructure Certification Form: This form certifies that the storm system was installed and functions as per the approved engineered drawings and that the owner takes full responsibility for the installation and maintenance of the system. The city will not issue a certificate of occupancy, approve final plats, lower or release bonds or letters of credit, until this form is completed and submitted to the city's Planning and Zoning Office.

Board of Adjustment Submittal Documents

Board of Adjustments:
The applications used for the Board of Adjustments are the Conditional Use Permit and Application for Variance. The Conditional Use Permit is used to permit a particular use in a certain zone where the use is not conditionally permitted. The Variance Application is used as a departure from dimensional terms of the Land Use Management Ordinance pertaining to the height, width, or location of structures, and the size of yards and open spaces where such departure meets the requirements of K.R.S. 100.241 to 100.247.

Other Documents

Zone Change Application: The zone change application is used for zone changes within the city limits as well as annexations into the city.

Sign Permit Application: Any/all signs must be permitted within City Limits. See section 412 of the City's Development Ordinance for sign requirements. Signs located in or along State right-of-way will require an Encroachment Permit to be filed and approved with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Irrevocable Letter of Credit:This form is to be used as a construction guarantee on final plats before approval.

Cell Tower Application: This application is for the sitting and construction of a telecommunications tower only.

Blasting Notification: Anyone that plans on blasting within city limits needs to fill out this form and submit for a permit.

Easement Encroachment Application: This application is to grant easement encroachments of structures within the city limits. The Easement Encroachment Application must be filled out completely and submitted to the Planning and Zoning office before any construction can be started in a recorded easement or setback.

Stream Construction Permit: Any site that has a stream or areas where free flowing water crosses the site at any time of year will be required to submit a stream construction permit before construction of any kind shall begin. A stream construction permit will also have to be filed with the state Division of water and a copy of the states approved permit will need to be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Office.

Underground Detention Inspection Checklist: This checklist serves as a tool to guide property owners in the inspection and maintenance of underground detention facilities.